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Aug, 2022


Aug, 2022



Explore 150 chemicals in a virtual lab in the BEAKER app. Add in chemicals, heat it up, and shake your device to start reactions. Pour them out to clean it up. Or team up with your friends to pour chemicals between each other via AirMix™. Use virtual Match, Lid and Burner to assist your experiment. Or get the extra five tools - Blender, Cooler, Separator, Filter and Meter to do even more complex operations. Start (tap or hold on chemicals to add) - CaO + H2O - K + H2O (fire) - Na + H2O (fire) - Al + Br2 (fire) Ignite (swipe your finger and hold, like striking a match) - Ignite Mg, C, Al - Ignite H2 + O2 (explosion) Heat Up (swipe in from the lower right corner to turn on Burner) - Boil Water (H2O) - Heat Fe + HNO3 (color transformation) Shake (shake to accelerate reactions) - CuSO4 + H2O + Mg (color transformation) - AgNO3 + H2O + Cu (precipitation) - AgNO3 + H2O + NaCl (precipitation) AirMix* (nearby BEAKERs will pair automatically) - Pour Na into Cl2 (fire) - Pour CH3COOH into NaHCO3 + Blue (bubbles) - Pour NaCl + H2O into AgNO3 + H2O (precipitation) * AirMix requires an Internet connection and geolocation services. If any chemicals or reactions are missing, please contact us at [email protected] Your suggestions are greatly valuable to us. Learn More Follow Us Facebook: Twitter: @thixlab

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