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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Tonome helps control your blood pressure and heart rate. Get an easy way to add entries to your personal diary and this allows you to opt-out of the paper notes about your blood pressure. At the next visit to the cardiologist, you can provide a detailed pdf report, which you can download from Tonome, and also send it by e-mail or print. Track the dynamics of changes in heart rate and blood pressure in the graph in order to notice improvement or deterioration in the measurements. Measurements added to Tonome get a diagnosis based on data from European Society of Cardiology. Disclaimer Tonome can be used to create records of your blood pressure measurements. Tonome cannot measure blood pressure. All information provided by Tonome can be used only for informational purposes and cannot replace the recommendations of the cardiologist. Tonome does not collect user data or share it to third parties. Security policy information: Terms of use

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