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When you discuss something important on the smartphone, you can record phone calls automatic via Call Recorder app for iPhone, iPad. ► Automatic Call Recorder - The Call Recorder app is compatible with most modern iPhones. - It is lightweight, downloads in a few seconds and it occupies minimum space in the memory. - The quality of the records will be excellent — provided that your phone connection is stable enough and you hear each other well. ► Call Recorder - Functionality This tape-a-call piece of software enables people to record both their incoming and outgoing calls. ■ Step-by-step guide on how to record phone calls in the incoming mode: 1) Someone calls you and you answer. 2) Launch the automatic Call Recorder for iPhone. 3) Press the Record Call button. 4) The incoming call is put on hold. 5) Phone dials the recording number of the app. 6) After the connection with the recording number is established, push the Merge button. 7) A three-way call will be created. It will include your existing call and the recording line of the app. ■ For outgoing calls, the instruction is slightly different. 1) Launch the app. 2) Press the Record button on the display. 3) Wait until your phone dials the recording number of the app. 4) After the connection with the recording number is established, push the Add Call button in the app's interface. 5) Wait until your phone dials the number of the person who you want to talk with. 6) After the connection with the other person's number is established, press the Merge button. A three-way call will be created. The system is genuinely easy and you will get quickly used to it. Listen to Your Files with the help of the Call Recorder App Manager This Call Recorder app has many handy functions. It enables its users to carry out the following operations. - Play the files at different speeds - Use playback controls (skip backward or forward) - Add titles to their files This call recording manager is an indispensable tool for teachers, lawyers, psychotherapists and business people. Actually, any professionals whose job involves frequent communications with clients will benefit from the app. The opportunity to record calls will save you a lot of time and effort. You will not need to write down things by hand. There will be no more misunderstandings. Sometimes, you might fail to put your agreements on paper and sign a proper contract. In such circumstances, the app will serve as your reference point. The Advantages of the Call Recorder Cloud Backup After you record a call, you can save it in a cloud. You can invite your friends, colleagues and family members to access this file. Alternatively, you can send it to them in a messenger or to their email. The design of the app is sleek and its interface is intuitive. This is an exceptionally user-friendly piece of software. Even kids will learn to use it in just a couple of minutes. With this automatic Call Recorder app, iPhone owners will never miss or forget anything important. It will make your casual and professional life easier and much more enjoyable.

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