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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



◆ "App of The Day" in over 100 countries. ◆ Over 1.5 million App Store downloads. ◆ App Store recommendation "Best New App". "Card Diary" has the concept of "putting a day on a card". One line of text or one picture is fine. "Card Diary" makes your day meaningful and special. Record your day easily and beautifully. Love, happiness, joy, sad or angry... You can write all your emotions and memories on the card. ◆ Features ◆ - Decorate your cards. (Photo/Color) - Write multiple diaries per day. - Calendar view provided. - Photos and videos. - Weather and emotions. - Locations and tags. - Favorites. - Automatic backup. (iCloud) - Multi-device synchronization. (iCloud) - Manual backup and restore. - App lock. (Password, Touch ID, Face ID) - File export: TXT and PDF (print). - Various fonts. - Various font styles. (bold, align, color, etc.) - Timestamps and dividers. - Optimized UI for iPhone and iPad. - Dark mode. - Privacy Policy : - Terms of Use :

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