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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Chinese Chess / Xiangqi is a popular chess game all over the world, suitable for beginners who are just getting started, and gradually improve to professional chess masters. There are massive endgames for you to improve; tens of thousands of chess records for you to learn; super AI (level 1-10) for you to challenge; two players to play online anytime, anywhere. Key features of the game include: 1. Support man-machine game, everyone game, network game; 2. More than 4000 classic endgames, all of which provide reference answers and detailed annotations; 3. Provide a large number of classic chess records for chess players to download and study; 4. The game supports the notation function, and the notation mode can be switched to the game mode at any time, which is convenient for chess players to study the chess game; 5. Support PGN, XQF, MXQ, CHE chess record file format comment, change, export and import; 6. Support computer prompts, infinite rollback and other operations; 7. Support daily challenges and provide you with more gold coin rewards; 8. Support the world ranking, and compete with players whose chess power is higher! Whether you want to improve your chess level, or pass the boring time to relax, we absolutely believe that Chinese chess games are your best choice. Chinese chess game, all game functions, chess endgames, and chess records are all free, welcome to download the game! If you like our Chinese chess, please give us rates and feedback, thank you very much [email protected]

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