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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Ready for challenging color game? Jupm on right colored surfaces and speed up! Extreme hang gliding at the end of each level. There is a lot of fun on the way of the colored square, trampolines and soap bubbles with stars that you can also pop. HOW TO PLAY THIS RUNNING GAME - Tap to start - Jump on colored surfaces - Match the color of the surface to speed up - Collect canisters of gasoline - Fly far in a hang glider JUMPING GAME RULES If the color of the edge of the square matches the color of the surface, the square has wheels and it speeds up. If the color does not match, then our square slows down. The player must collect canisters of gasoline, at the end of each stage he will come in handy because the player is waiting for a jet hang glider. Have fun and relaх with this 3D runner game!

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