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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



- Easily navigate like a Pro !!! - Unique redesign of the traditional compass. - Compass heading and bearing shown in an easy to read format. - No more confusing and old fashioned compass dial. INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Point device at object you wish to navigate to. 2) Press Bearing button. 3) Follow the Bearing Arrow. --------------------------------------- MEASUREMENT ACCURACY EXPLAINED The accuracy shown is determined by the device and operating system, not the application. The best accuracy obtainable is typically +/-10 degrees. Manual calibration - The accuracy can be improved by rocking the device in a circular motion. Automatic Calibration - If the device is securely fixed within a vehicle, then the accuracy will automatically improve after several turns of the vehicle. The Calibration Alert should be set to OFF to prevent the compass calibration alert appearing. ---------------------------------------

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