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Discover millions of places on the go, like local beaches, parks, scenic points and national parks along the way. Make every trip a once-in-a-lifetime route you need to see at least once. EXPLORE OUR EXTENSIVE SCENIC ROUTE COLLECTION Get to know the most popular scenic routes near you and beyond. Discover millions of scenic routes in over 100 countries. It doesn't matter if you ride a car, an RV, or a moped. With our extensive route library (+3M routes), you'll find a suitable path no matter your vehicle of choice. DISCOVER THE BEST SPOTS ALONG YOUR WAY FIND THE PERFECT ROUTE TAILORED TO YOU Enter your destination and you are good to go! Unlike Roadtrippers or TripIt, Compass Maps scenic drives uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically populate the best spots along your route for you. No planning is required. NAVIGATE SAFELY WHILE RIDING YOUR CAR Navigate confidently from A to B with stopovers. Compass Maps scenic drives is 100% safe to use for you and your love ones. SAVE TIME, HAVE FUN Turn your vacation or daily commute into an epic adventure. No need to plan. Find amazing places on the go. You're always minutes away from something awesome! You can use Compass Maps for free to find these great places. Start spotting your route and Compass will add the must-see waypoints along the way for you! When you're ready to go, you can upgrade to Compass PRO for premium routes, unlimited curated travel tips & turn-by-turn navigation using your favorite GPS Navigation app! COMPASS MAPS IN SHORT: 1. World's first GPS for Scenic Drives. 2. Easy-to-use: Pick a DESTINATION and you're good to go! 3. Google Maps best friend: Compass Maps works with your favorite Navigation app. 4. AI-driven: Compass Maps uses a proprietary machine learning algorithm to learn over time and ensure the most unique experience. 5. Safety first! All routes and directions are safe for you and your love ones. Any question, feedback? Please send us an email at [email protected] Terms of Use:

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