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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



'DayColor' manages 'Journal, Countdown, to-do' at once. Easily and conveniently record what you see, enjoy, and feel in your daily life. ◆ Main features ◆ # Record memorable moments with your own color. I think color can be interpreted in various ways depending on each person's experience. Imagine and express your own color. We prepared various colors, fonts, and stickers. Designing your day in your own way makes an ordinary day special. # Record your day with photos and colors. If you have photos and texts that you want to cherish, use the 'Photo Journal', and if you want to express your feelings and design them lightly, try using the 'Color Journal'. # Smart self-management app In addition to the diary, there are Countdown and To-Do functions together. This is an opportunity to easily manage self-management that was once difficult. Organize your cluttered mind in a simple way, and plan ahead for the upcoming important day. It will surely become a happy memory. # Simply recall your memories. You can see important memories and emotions of this month at a glance through the calendar view and timeline view. And, since you can link journals to events, it is convenient to recall memories for each event. ◆ Other ◆ • Provide timestamp and weather information input. • Various countdown types are provided. (Birthday, anniversary, number of days left, number of past days, repeat every year, repeat every month, repeat every week, etc.) • Lock function (password, Touch ID, Face ID) • Support manual backup and restore • Dark Mode ◆ Bug report ◆ E-mail : [email protected]

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