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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Ever wanted to win in bike racing? Then this 3D race simulator is for you! Try the role of a racing delivery driver in this gripping 3D run. Collect coins, don’t miss any postboxes, and drive through the city in a bike rush! Grab paper and deliver it to go down in the history of 3D runner games as a street rush master! This delivery 3D simulator will steal your heart with its high-end graphics, adorable characters, and an addictive bike rush. The simple gameplay puts this endless runner ahead of the other fun running games for kids. This is an infinite runner filled with the elements of delivery games and 3D run simulators. Jump over cars, collect coins, and don’t run into trains in your crazy rush! Upgrade your vehicle and buy new outfits for your run man or woman to leave competitors behind in our delivery 3D simulator. If you're no stranger to a fun race, then you’ll love this endless runner, for sure! Take paper, deliver it, and beat others in the mega run. Run away into the world of this stunning 3D run when you need a break. FEATURES - One of the most fun running games for kids. Your child will admire this game for its cartoonish graphics and a fun mega run. - Never-ending action. You’ll have to test your reflexes and prove your navigation skills to beat unique levels in this infinite runner. - A crazy rush through the city. Drive at high speed to become the champion of 3D runner games. - Smooth and addictive gameplay. This fun race simulator will quickly become your favorite time killer thanks to its intuitive mechanics. Other delivery games don’t even stand close to this crazy rush! - New missions every day! Grab the paper and deliver it, maneuver around obstacles, and prove you’re the best runner! - Plenty of vehicles. You can either skateboard or ride a motorcycle in your bike rush! Try your hand at delivering paper in the most fun run game 3D ever. Get ready to face a risky challenge and join this exciting street rush. Download one of the best 3D runner games and become the best racer!

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