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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Drink Water Reminder & Tracker is the app which helps us to track the quantity of water we drink and remind us to drink water in right time. Water is essential for life on our planet. Roughly 70 percent of the body is made of water. We require water for almost every function within our bodies, from flushing out toxins to digestion. Water is essential to good health, yet needs vary between individuals. This app can help ensure you drink enough fluids. Water plays a very important role in our body, it transports nutrients and oxygen into cells, regulates body temperature, helps with metabolism and so on, drinking enough water can help us lose weight, look younger with healthier skin, less likely to get sick, helps in digestion and constipation, relieves fatigue, have a good mood, reduce the risk of cancer and more. APPLICATION FEATURES: • Drink Water Reminders • Support oz and ml. • Set goal amount of daily drinking water and track it. • Log amount of daily drinking water. • Touch to log each drinking. • Statistics in graphs • Supports transferring data to Health app. • Schedule notifications according to the time you wake up and sleep • Choose the interval between notifications • Track your historical consumption during the month • Simple, beautiful and intuitive • Integration with Apple Health • Automatic bed time mode so you don't receive reminders on the middle of the night. Making it a smarter reminder. • Graphic display of your hydration level and daily consumption. • Maintain your Better Health Statistics and Health Plans BENEFITS OF DRINKING MORE WATER: • Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue • Maintains Body Temperature • Flushes Out Toxins • Promotes Weight Loss • Boosts Immune System • Maintains Regularity • Improves Skin Complexion • Natural Headache Remedy • Puts You in a Sunny Good Mood • Prevents Cramps and Sprains If you have any question or suggestion, please send email to our support [email protected] Thank you for using this water reminder app!.

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