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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Most advanced study app to prepare for the exam in driving school. The app offers questions similar to those that you can see in driving school exams and is complemented by a massive amount of real-world driving situations. PRO version advantages: 1. No in-app ads 2. Unlimited access to all parts of the app 3. Unlimited repetition of the practice exam 4. RePlay mode for better knowledge retention The App offers: 1. Topics for the final exam for driver's licences A,B,C and D 2. More than two thousand real-world traffic situations 3. Possibility to try out the final exam without consequences 4. Possibiltiy to test topical areas of questions 6. Possibility to shuffle questions 7. Success statistics in each lesson and in the practice exam 8. Study mode systems for easy learning 9. Use of spaced repetition learning 10. A system of motivational evaluation and awards

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