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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



What is e-Pay? e-Pay is the first ever government payment gateway designed to allow the citizens of Punjab to pay their taxes digitally through alternative delivery channels (ADC). The solution that is developed by The Punjab Information Technology Board and backed by the Finance Department of Punjab provides individuals to pay their dues using the following three payment channels. • Internet Banking • ATM • OTC (Over the Counter) banking transaction Payment Process and Channels To pay the tax dues, an individual will access e-Pay application or website to generate a 17-digit PSID number. The PSID number that is unique for each transaction could subsequently be used on the aforementioned three payment channels i.e. internet banking, ATM or OTC by the citizens to pay the tax dues. All three payment channels are made technically equipped to process the payments through the collective efforts of The Finance Department of Punjab, State Bank of Pakistan, 1-Link, all scheduled banks, and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). 

In its first phase (FY 18 -19) following tax receipts can be paid via e-Pay: Excise & Taxation • Token Tax for Vehicle • Motor Vehicle Registration • Vehicle Transfer • Property Tax • Professional Tax • Cotton fee Board of Revenue (BOR) • e Stamping • Mutation fee • Fard fee Industries • Business Registration fee 
 Tax Descriptions Token Tax for Vehicle: Annual tax paid by owners of motor vehicles. Motor Vehicle Registration: One-time fee paid by the buyer of new vehicle at the time of purchase. Vehicle Transfer: Fee paid at the time of transfer of vehicle to a new owner. Property Tax: Annual tax paid by property owners in urban areas. Professional Tax: Taxes paid by the working professional on his profession on an annual basis. Cotton Fee: Fee paid on raw cotton brought to ginning factory. e-Stamping: Payment of stamp duties on judicial, non-judicial, CVT, registration and comparison fee. Mutation Fee: Fee paid by the buyer at the time of transfer of property to a new owner. Fard Fee: Fee paid by the owner of property for the issuance of property ownership document. Business Registration Fee: Fee paid by the owner to register his business.

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