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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



EGO CEP'TE application, which allows the tracking of EGO Buses, Private Public Buses (ÖHO) and Private Public Transport Vehicles (ÖTA), of the EGO General Directorate, is at the service of the people of Ankara with its new face. The application, with its user-friendly new design and simple and fast structure, gives users the opportunity to reach what they are looking for much more easily. • “Where is the Bus?” on the main page. With its feature, it is possible to learn very quickly when the relevant line bus will arrive at the called stop with a 5-digit stop number. Favorited stops “Where is the Bus?” automatically appears under the feature. Buses approaching the station can also be viewed on the map. • Line announcements and important developments published by the EGO General Directorate are listed and can be accessed in detail upon request. • Search can be made with the 5-digit stop number or the name of the stop, and the buses of all lines passing through the relevant stop can be displayed. If location permission is granted, nearby stops can be listed and displayed on the map. • All EGO, ÖHO and ÖTA bus lines serving in Ankara can be viewed with their stops, times, vehicles serving at that time and their routes. In addition, basic information of Metro, Ankaray and Suburban lines can be accessed. • With the application, all Ankarakart Dealers or only those nearby can be listed and displayed on the map. In addition, the balance and usage history of the added Ankarakart can be viewed and the balance can be loaded. • Lines and stops that are frequently used by users are added to favorites so that they can be followed more easily. • With Başkent 153 integration, an application can be created quickly for suggestions, requests or complaints for transportation services.

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