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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



To reshape the healthcare landscape by offering tech-enabled, patient centric, data-driven, and integrated health services under one roof. * I – Innovative * C – Compassionate * A – Agile * R – Respectful * E – Empathetic With Ehad, we promise to redefine care, and reshape each live we touch by offering comprehensive health services under one roof including Clinics, Ehad Labs, Ehad Pharmacy and Ehad Virtual Health Service. Ehad is revolutionizing the primary care infrastructure of Pakistan with its data-driven, tech-enabled and patient-centric approach. Islamic history laid the foundation of innovative study and practice of medicine and the golden period of knowledge was defined by extensive medical discoveries This is the legacy we aspire to today! To attain breakthroughs in healthcare, resort to research and innovation, and utilize advancement in technology to provide healthcare to millions of lives we touch!

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