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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



TAKE YOUR FIRST BITE OF FOODPANDA Craving something delicious? If there's one thing we know it’s food delivery. It’s our mission to bring tasty food from your favourite local restaurant right to your door so you can eat good food every day. Download the app to see if we're in your city! We'll go the extra mile to make your order the greatest food experience in the world. Hungry for wood-fired pizza, comforting Korean food or super fresh sushi? We know the best food for every cuisine that your city has to offer. foodpanda is the best food delivery service in your city -- so let's take the first bite! SO WHAT’S THE DEAL? You’re ready and waiting to eat, we’ve all been there, dreaming of Japanese food, eating pad Thai in our dreams. Dream no more - our riders are here to bring the food you've been lusting after right to your door. Dreams really do come true. HOW IT WORKS First, enter your address (home/ office/ treehouse). Then, choose your favourite restaurant and place an order. They’ll prepare your food and once it’s ready, our courier bring it to you. If you need something to watch, you can track your rider in real-time. Then you eat. Food goals. WHAT MAKES US SPECIAL foodpanda chooses your local favourites; the best food near you. Chinese or Japanese, healthy salads or food to nurse your hangover -- your dinner will be cooked with love and care. Our riders come to your very doorstep with a smile, while you save time to do something else you love. There's a cuisine and a dish to suit every moment and we'll help you make the first bite last. ANYTHING ELSE? Of course your safety is important to us. We guarantee secure payment, so you can eat when you're hungry and pay however you like - credit card, Paypal, or cash on delivery. TALK TO US If you’ve ordered with us before, we’d want to know what you think. Give us your food thoughts/confessionals. Let us be your notepad. Email us at [email protected] For further info, visit

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order cancelled and pathetic service
Ghanisays on 2020-02-25
I’m using this app for the second time. I ordered the food and order was cancelled after 15 mins and then 10 mins later rider showed up. Secondly I ordered late night as most of the people are asleep but rider hit the bell and then called me on my phone “Sir apka order” WTF. You should just called and say come outside and take your order rather then knocking on door bells. Not recommended after this kinda service. Also their is no customer service number and don’t consume the food if you’re not happy with it, they will not refund it to you. Always choose COD mode so they’re bound to take the payment.
Fraudulence and Scam
[email protected] on 2020-02-25
Such a Pathetic and Ridiculous Food they are delivering actually they are cheating with their customers and the food Quality is in Wastage quality And please do not use your credit cards in this app When you place an order with your card they will deduct your payment and ask you that they are cancelling the order and give you full refund and when your order took cancelled you will receive msg they food panda has been refunded you fully payment and they didn’t refund you your payment Even not giving us any response on Email and chat support so This is totally the case of Fraudulance
Doing fraud. Took money and order not delivered
Mismailr on 2020-02-25
I ordered and paid via credit card. Rider told me sir sorry address is so far I can’t deliver your order until my company don’t ask me to deliver. I asked him ok you can deliver on my other address that is near by you. And I asked question why your app not told me before ordering. He said I don’t know. And foodpanda cancelled my order and said sorry we will not refund the payment because order is cancelled. I am surprised who these guys operation business, it’s looks they are doing fraud. So please don’t try this app
VERY POOR SERVICES. Promised time changes one you place the order.
xSnaKe007 on 2020-02-25
It’s a major issue with foodpanda that the displayed promise time is bogus, once the order is placed they take more than hours to deliver, they even show this on their app to; Before placing the order it will show 30 mins delivery time, after the payment is done, it’ll show the delivery time of after 1 and half hour. THIS IS A MAJOR ISSUE I HAVE BEEN USING TALABAT AND ZOMATO BUT THEY HAVE A NAME and THEY DEFINITELY HAVE A REPUTATION TO MANTAIN UNLIKE FOODPANDA. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL.
Most pathetic delivery experience
Nauman Qaisar PK on 2020-02-25
Ordered Pizza Hut, delivery got delayed by 30 min. Chatted with agent who informed, he couldn’t get in touch with Pizza Hut as they were delivering. Got a call from Pizza Hut that they received the order late and when I escalated, they said we don’t deliver to your place. Had to cancel the order at the end. JUSTWASTED MY TIME. Such a pathetic experience.
Totally bad service!!!
L'oyd on 2020-02-25
When ever I ordered after 30,40 min they cancelled the order for no reason and I always received mail like this. We're sorry your last order was cancelled. You deserve better from us, and there's really no excuse. We hope you won't remember us this way - give us another chance to try again soon! 10/1
Bug found in app
yasir_995 on 2020-02-25
Hi, New version contain bug which is lil bit irritating for me . I update my app but after updating every time when i open app popup message show which say please update your version. I update my app two time and in app store my version is up to date. I’m using iphone 6 . Kindly look into it. Thanks, Yasir
Constant cancellations with money deducted and no refund!
Kanza Naheed on 2020-02-25
For some reason food panda in Lahore has a horrible level of quality. It doesn’t allow you to order half the things and when an order is cancelled you don’t even get a notification but my money is deducted and they want me to keep ordering from this app!!! Please use any other app for food ordering.
Best Support Team
moodking1982 on 2020-02-25
I have been using foodpanda from almost 3 years from now and in those 3 years i have only contacted the support team less then 10 times. I am really really impressed and happy to see how much helpful your support team is, its the best in the world. Best app for my carvings :) Thank you
complaint never in favour of client
Col.Hussain on 2020-02-25
as regular client of food panda whenever we feel any issue and hv any complaint which we do on helpline but they are least bothered to solve in favour of their clients,now our family has started using Eat Mubarak andthey are really helping their clients in case of any genuine issue,

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