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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Wanna Smoothie? Mix your fruits playing one of the funniest ball games. Bet you’ve never tried to mix fruits like this before! It’s hilarious! Prepare yourself for a masterful basket throw or a wicked curveball with a luscious mango or fresh cucumber. Watch them land in a blender – and get mashed and splashed around! This ball action game stands out among other 3d games. It lets you blend your fruits and vegetables into a savory mix, but only after you show what a skilled tactician you are. Beware! Fruit Slash is not one of those easy games that bore you to death after the fifth level! This fruit game is highly addictive. Start with getting around simple bars, then move to the next levels with moving, rotating, and bouncy objects. Wait for the trickier obstacles to appear – saws and hangers, teleporting holes, and more. Aim carefully to be precise in your throw. Even more fun is trying to collect keys, get coins, and purchase new skins so you can dress your ball as different fruits and vegetables, whole and cut. The more coins you have, the more exotic skins you can get – cookies, bagels, donuts, and in very exceptional cases, even a hamster! This cup pong game will leave you wishing for more. As soon as you master the previous level, you’ll be racking your brains over the next. Not your ordinary basket and ball! FEATURES - Lots of juicy fruits to mix - Tasty design - almost as if you were eating the savory fruit - Simple controls - Ability to improve your reflexes and precision - Very relaxing game for any age HOW TO PLAY - Pre-calculate where you tap for a more precise throw - Tap the screen to move the lever - Get the ball around obstacles, and send it right to the blender - Whizz your fruits! - Collect keys - Gain access to the chest room and gain your bonuses - Choose yummy skins - Whizz more fruits! If you love playing fun mobile games, especially pinball, Fruit Slash is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. You’ll be giggling as you try to bounce and shoot your avocados, onions, and pomegranates into the blender, and see them miss or hit the mark. Have fun! Happy blending!

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