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*** NEW: Version 4.0. All sections updated as of 2020. **** Optimised for all iPhone screens using iOS 11 or above ****** Gene Teasers section now integral part of the app - no need to download separately. ---------------- *** Featured in The Lancet (Sept 2011) ---------------- *** Genetics & Syndromes made easy for medical students, nurses and doctors! ---------------- *** Compiled by doctors from Clinical Genetics, Pediatrics and Cardiology backgrounds KEY FEATURES: 1. Over 200 Genetic Conditions including syndromes. 2. Search using a symptom or sign eg: conditions with cafe au lait spots or conditions with macrocephaly 3. Pictures of chromosomal location of a condition. 4. Basic concepts of Medical Genetics simplified. 5. NEW in Version 2.0: Links to external online resources. 6. NEW in Version 2.1: New section added- GENE TEASERS. ---------------- Genetic conditions are seen in almost all Medical specialities. Medical Genetics is one of the fastest developing branches in Medicine. ---------------- Genetics 4 Medics application has been designed by a group of doctors, to be used as an educational tool by medics and other healthcare professionals interested in Medical Genetics. ---------------- We hope that this app will make learning Medical Genetics, easy and exciting for both students and practising clinicians alike. ---------------------------------------------- This app has four sections. 1. GENETIC CONDITIONS - Over 200 Genetic conditions described - Each condition described under two headings: a) Background & Genetics (gene mutation, chromosomal location etc) b) Salient Features (common clinical features) - Links to external online resources provided for majority of conditions described. 2. MAPPING - Conditions mapped to its chromosomal locus - We have mainly included conditions caused by single gene defect. However, a few conditions with genetic heterogeneity have also been included. - Pictorial representation of chromosomes to facilitate visual learning and memory. Note: these pictures do not represent the exact banding pattern of a chromosome and are not drawn to scale. - Tapping on the titles will open up the description page of the condition. 3. CLUES - About 150 clinical clues included - Selecting a clue provides links to the conditions commonly associated with it. 4. BASICS - Basic genetic concepts explained using simple terminology - Genetic investigations simplified. 5. GENE TEASERS Food for your genes! Try out these questions in your spare time. This is a Quiz section comprising of around 20 scenarios and associated MCQs. ----------------------------------------------- Genetics 4 Medics application should only be used for educational purposes and NOT as a diagnostic tool. For help with diagnosing a genetic condition, please take advice from an experienced Clinical Geneticist. Full Terms & Conditions available on downloading the app. Users must agree to these Terms & Conditions prior to use. ----------------------------------------------- Please contact us for support or feedback - [email protected]

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