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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



KEY FEATURES: - Essential tool for your iPhone & iPad. - Test the GPS module. - Fast GPS lock time. - Precise navigation parameters. - Supplements operation of your navigation apps. - GPS "JumpStart" technology. - If location cannot be determined then it diagnoses why. - Assists you in changing conditions to get a reliable location. - GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS full support. - Latitude & Longitude, and WGS84 included by default. - In-App Purchase: USNG, MGRS, UTM, OSNG, GEOREF, GARS & 174 Datums (free basic functionality). - **NEW** Smaller footprint (now only 35MBytes) - Free technical and customer support by email. -------------------------------------- OVERVIEW: - Lodestone Chart™ displays all essential GPS satellite information using a chart with only 4 bars. This dramatically simplifies the diagnostic process (Registered Copyright). - GPS "JumpStart" technology may resolve GPS problems with third-party navigation applications that have a frozen location, are slow to respond or are performing inaccurately. - Uses the internal GPS of your iPhone or iPad. - Includes a Speedometer, Altimeter and Compass. - Location and altitude ( best-in-class accuracy and reliability ) - Speed (SOG) and Course (COG). - Heading (i.e. Compass) with ability to turn on and off the manual compass calibration. -------------------------------------- IN-APP PURCHASE (IAP) = "COORDINATES-PRO" This adds additional coordinate systems and datums to the app to let you accurately work with many paper maps and charts used by civilians, U.S. military and NATO forces for walking, sailing, and flying. The coordinate systems and datums included are: - Ordnance Survey National Grid (OSNG) for Great Britain - Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) - Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) -Old and New - United States National Grid (USNG) - World Geographic Reference System (GEOREF) - Global Area Reference System (GARS). - 174 Datums (e.g. WGS84, NAD83, NAD27, WGS72, ED50, ED79, OSGB36 etc....). -------------------------------------- REVIEWS: - The developer is a professional software and hardware engineer working in the satellite space industry. He is a yachtmaster and pilot with a passion for navigation and Apple products. - Consistent 5 star reviews, see what users are saying: "Perfect Diagnostic Tool - This is the best app if you need to know the actual status of the internal GPS." "Great app for kick starting navigation apps - This app finds a position every time and then all other nav apps work." "Excellent application - This was a much needed application for iOS devices." "Awesome, over used term but this app is - This app does what other developers said they could not do." -------------------------------------- MORE INFORMATION: - Hardware information - Accuracy of measurements shown for pro users. - Imperial, metric and nautical units. These are the most commonly used and most useful navigation units. All easily changeable from the screen in use. - Does not require internet access and does not use cellular data. - Essential tool for any power user. (e.g. navigators, yachtsmen, pilots, app developers) - Share your location by text message, email etc. The format contains all essential information for improved accuracy. - Works with Garmin Glo. - GPS Diagnostic™ is a professional GPS test and measurement utility for your iPhone and iPad.

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