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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



The “GPS Recorder X” is a recorder capable of operating in all kinds of measuring environments such as in research, during work, while driving and in exploration situations. It also comes complete with a preview function. GPS Logger & Viewer. I was supported movie making. You can also post to post video sites such as Youtube! I was fully compatible with “Google™ Maps”. Support changing the icon of the trajectory. You can get the image from the camera roll, support changing the icon of the trajectory. Graph enhances the sense of realism is also incorporated into video! When you run it in the background, the battery life is significantly improved. Support Graph, swipe, original icon, Google™ Map, movie making, search, target, offline map, schedule, Dropbox transfer, external application cooperation, map camera, memo, voice memo, camera writing. Export html,gpx,kml,txt,jpg,mp4,mov 1. Routine GPS measurement You can record various kinds of information such as “Measurement accuracy”, “Traveling distance”, “Measurement time”, “Speed”, “Altitude”, “Average speed”, “Maximum speed”, “Average altitude”, and “Maximum altitude”. You can measure using a number of different units. You can compare “Speed”, “Altitude”, and “Distance” by displaying them in graph form on one screen. You can tweet in “Twitter” things such as location information (with iOS5 and later). 2. Maps It also comes with functions that make map viewing easier including “function to enlarge/reduce in accordance with the speed” and “One screen function” which allows you to constantly check everything within the traveling range in one screen. Not to mention the fact that you can easily switch to the full-screen map while hiding all the buttons that are not in use. When you set the destination, the system displays the distance and direction to the destination and approximate time required to get there. You can view the map from a mobile phone no-service area using the “Off-line map”. You can get the map image from the camera roll for setting it up. You can also import a map by obtaining a kmz file attached to an E-mail. 3. Complete with three kinds of note-taking functions, written memo, voice memo and camera The recorded memos are perfectly linked to the location information. In addition, you can always re-confirm the contents of the memo along your traveling track. 4. Particular attention paid to simplifying memo functions Our concept is to support memo writing by making it as automatic and easy as possible. 5. Equipped with a preview function You can reproduce the recorded data via the “Preview” in presentation format. You will be impressed with the excellent performance of “GPS Recorder X” as it keeps your sweet memories alive. 6. Equipped with an “ECO” mode This is a function to reduce power consumption. 7. Capable of operating in various environments with the use of different settings a) For the purpose of research and the collection of a range of information. b) Recording one full-day of measurement or measurement over a long period of time. c) Recording detailed measurements over a short period of time. 8. Excellent data transfer function You can send all the information via the “E-mail” or “Dropbox”, including recorded location information, “Written memo”, “Voice memo”, “Photos taken by the camera”, “Analytical information from the GPS measurement”, “Map image complete with traveling track”, and information in a “Google™ Maps preview HTML file”. Capable of outputting KML and GPX files. You can also confirm the route by reading it into Google™ Earth. 9. Bonus As a future vision, we also added, as a “bonus”, the element of a target such as “so and so kilometers to the Moon”. Can you reach the moon? I hope you will do your best. Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. urlscheme:gpsrecorderx:// Note: I can use the “Google™ Maps” in iOS 5.1 or later!

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