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What is iBP? iBP is a blood pressure tracking and analysis tool. Please note, it is not possible to measure your blood pressure by touching the screen. A separate device is required. What kind of analysis does iBP provide? iBP uses color icons to indicate when your blood pressure values are normal, high, or hypertension. It also provides interactive graphs that allow you to display your values by weeks, months, year and time of day. The graphs display lows, highs, averages, and trend lines using statistical analysis. Why iBP vs. other blood pressure apps? iBP is a universal app designed to work on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, which means you only pay for the app once and you get all versions! iBP is the only blood pressure app with a built in transfer capability to sync all your iOS devices. What are the key features? * Reads and writes Apple Health blood pressure, pulse, and weight data (details below) * Easy data input using dials instead of keyboard * Transfer capability to sync all of your iOS devices * Calculates Mean Arterial Pressure and Pulse Pressure * Track one personal item (blood glucose, stress level, medication dosage, exercise time) * Backup / Restore capability * Multiple users * Multiple email addresses (you and doctor) * Multiple email formats (PDF, HTML, CSV, Plain Text) * Passcode to protect your data * Touch Id for passcode on devices that support it * Snapshot of the graphs can be saved * User configurable color ranges * Weight units (lb or kg) * Withings Blood Pressure Monitor & Wireless Scale Apple Health iBP is now able to read and write Apple Health blood pressure, pulse, and weight data. If your blood pressure monitor (i.e., Omron, iHealth, Withings) adds data to Apple Health then you can easily import that data into this app. If you manually input your data into this app, then it will write that data to Apple Health. Withings + iBP = No more data entry! iBP can retrieve your blood pressure and weight data directly from your Withings account. The Blood Pressure Monitor and wireless Body Scale automatically record and send the data to your account. There is no data entry required and you can view the data anywhere using a web browser or a variety of mobile apps. Disclaimer: iBP is intended to be used as a means to collect data to be shared with your doctor. This application is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We assume no liability for any personal harm or injury sustained as a result of using this application.

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