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Mar, 2023


Mar, 2023



iSniffer is a proxy that helps you view all network requests your device is making. Simply connect to the local VPN and check back in the app to view the requests your device is making. You are also able to view requests that other apps are making. iSniffer is perfect if you are a developer, security researcher or are interested in anything to do with networking. In the app, there is an interface that is easy to use so you can view all requests and filter out any requests that you don't need to see. iSniffer respects your privacy. The VPN created is a local VPN meaning all the requests pass through iSniffer on your device only. This means that the only copy of your requests is on your device. We do not look at or monitor your network requests in any way. For the requests, if available you are able to see: • URL • Time • Metadata • User Agent • Local IP • Local Port • Remote IP • Remote Port • Connection Type • Connection Status • Upload Traffic • Download Traffic • Response Headers • Requests Headers • Proxy Notifications • VPN Customisation

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