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In the 21st century, people place great importance on visual interfaces. It is known that after a while even classic widgets and icons on iPhones look boring. And backgrounds, the color of which cannot be changed manually on iPhones, are becoming commonplace. But you can add color to the interface of your smartphone! Icon Changer has a large selection of backgrounds, application icons, and bright, unusual widgets. You can find icons and backgrounds for every taste and style, which makes them very versatile. The new interface design worked out to the smallest detail, will delight you for a long time. Let's talk about the functionality of Icon Changer in more detail! Icon Changer — Transformation of Your iPhone Icons Our app icon changer has a huge selection of app icons. They are grouped into sets that differ in color, style, and shape. Each of our custom app icons has been worked out to the smallest detail so that they blend well with each other and delight your eyes. Icons can be installed very easily and quickly, you do not need to spend your efforts on it. All you have to do: 1. Open the Icon Changer. 2. Select the "change app icon" option. 3. Choose the icon theme you like. 4. Apply it and enjoy the new custom app icons! New Widget Themes — New Appearance for your Widgets We cannot imagine our life without a clock and a calendar. Therefore, we suggest you change the look of your usual widgets for a completely new one! The new icon widgets look good on the iPhone screen and do not take up much space. The widgets and icons are harmoniously positioned on the screen and are eye-catching. If you want to install a new set of widget icons, you need to: 1. Open the Icon Changer. 2. Select the theme widgets option. 3. View the collection of icon widgets and apply the one you like. New wallpapers and backgrounds for your iPhone The choice of built-in wallpapers and backgrounds on iPhones is rather scarce and limited to standard light and dark themes. But if you want to add more colors, neon, 3D effects, or vice versa to break the brightness with a pastel pink shade, our Icon Changer will come to your aid. If minimalism is your thing, then our new Dark theme will delight you. She is very sophisticated and has a rich color. To view the entire collection of backgrounds and wallpapers: 1. Open Icon Changer on your iPhone. 2. Choose the wallpaper and backgrounds option. 3. Select the background or wallpaper you like and set it. Advantages of Icon Changer: • The application is easy and understandable to use. • Large selection of icons, widgets, and backgrounds. • All icons are created by professional designers and worked out to the smallest detail. • All the images are of high quality. • The application is optimized for iPhones and works without lags. Conclusion Customizing icons on iPhones has become much easier with Icon Changer. It will help you make the interface and icons of your iPhone more comfortable. You can choose icons and widgets to suit your taste, and not use the built-in ones. Install Icon Changer now and enjoy a huge collection of icons, widgets, and backgrounds!

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