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Create your own icons on your Home Screen using Iconical. Easily customise your home screen with your own icons or create useful shortcut icons that perform some of your commonly used actions. Lock your shortcuts to stop people using your apps. YOUTUBE Do you want a faster way to make a call without having to find their contact? There's nothing faster than a contact call icon on your home screen. Do you Skype the same person frequently? Create a home screen icon that will open Skype and call that person automatically. Have an icon that stands out too much on your home screen? Simply make your own shortcut icon for that app and hide the original icon (Supported apps only). Features: -Create shortcut icons for 85,000+ supported apps -Create shortcut actions for 250+ supported apps -Lock your icons to stop other people using your apps -Edit your icon by drawing, rotating, zooming -Download any image to use in your icon -Share your icon with friends for them to use What makes us different to other home screen shortcut apps? Most apps need to send the information for your icon to their servers to generate. Iconical works 100% on your device. Some apps state that your icons will stop working if you delete their app. Not with Iconical. Everything needed by your icon is embedded within the icon itself (Unless you are using locked icons). **** The screenshot icons are available here ****

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