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Become the greatest tycoon in this civilization simulator! Build your own empires, manage your citizens and get idle profit from it. Have you ever dreamed of having a tiny world inside your phone? Try this build civilization game and make your dream come true! Idle Civilization is a real-world simulation game with an idle nation of tiny, happy humans who live their lives, smile, produce resources, and... help you build your own civilization! From now on, the destiny of human evolution is in your hands! Create civilization, make the right choices and guide your people to greatness! Discover new lands and idle islands, create new human civilizations, upgrade landmark buildings, become a millionaire and conquer the world! Play the game and go through all the stages of civilization building. Earn pearls and make upgrades to expand and strengthen your idle empire. Game Features: • Captivating civilization simulator • 13 ancient empires, medieval kingdoms, and modern nations: Cro-Magnons, Egyptians, Indians, Aztecs, Vikings, Romans, Chinese, Arabs, French, Venetians, British, Russians, and Americans • Different people and animals in every location • Casual and easy tapping gameplay with prestige system • Famous architecture – keep clicking to unlock all buildings and become a landmark tycoon! • Powerful boosters to speed-up progress • Earn pearls and upgrade even when you’re offline! • One super magical bird – tap on it to earn an extra bonus! If you like civilization simulator games, you will enjoy this idle clicker! Here, you can enjoy all the adventures of a good simulation game and feel the immense pleasure of creating your own civilization and managing the idle world. This incremental game is one of the best clicking games with prestige and upgrades, which means you’ll never get bored while playing it. Idle Civilization stands out among other idle clickers thanks to its rich graphics and fascinating history-based gameplay – so much fun for all fans of civ builder games. Build your own civilization and seize the chance to become a billionaire tycoon by ruling the most powerful empire the Earth has ever seen!

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