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Silicon Valley’s new success story, inDrive is a free ride-hailing app available in more than 700 cities in 47 countries. We are growing fast by putting the power back in the hands of people. inDrive first emerged as a taxi alternative — a mobility app where affordable rides for passengers would still mean well-paid rides for drivers. But now, there’s so much more to it. You can use inDrive to travel to other cities, send and receive packages, book a truck for your personal or business needs, and even hire a local pro to help you with whatever you need. You can also sign up as a driver, courier, or tasker. The main idea is the same for all services: A fair price is the one you agree on — not hope for. inDrive exists to prove that people can always come to an agreement. What We Offer CITY RIDES Affordable everyday rides with no surge pricing. You get to set the fare and choose your ride based on the driver’s price offer, rating, number of completed rides, car model, and pickup time. INTERCITY RIDES A safe and convenient way to travel between cities. Specify your destination, pickup date, time and location, offer your fare and request a ride. COURIER SERVICES This door-to-door on-demand delivery service is a fast and safe way to send and receive packages of up to 20 kilos. Offer your fare ​​and track your delivery in real-time. FREIGHT SERVICES Book a truck for your delivery and moving needs. Set the time and the fare and specify any extra details in the comments. Wait for the offers to roll in and choose the one that works best for you. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES From home improvement to tutoring and beauty care services. Describe your task, name your price and get skilled help from local pros you can trust. Why choose inDrive QUICK AND EASY It's simple and fast to request an affordable ride — just enter points "A" and "B" in the app, name the fare you are willing to pay, and choose your driver. OFFER YOUR FARE inDrive provides you with a tailored, surge-free ride-hailing experience. Here you, and not the algorithm, decide on the fare and choose the driver. We do not set the pricing according to time and mileage like other services. You agree on a win-win price with the driver before the ride starts. CHOOSE YOUR DRIVER inDrive lets you choose your driver from a list of the drivers who accepted your ride request. Pick them based on the best deal, arrival time, driver's rating, number of completed trips, and even a car model. STAY SAFE See the driver's name, car model, license plate number, and the number of previously completed trips before accepting the ride. During your trip, you can share the driver's information and the real-time location of the car with your family or friends using the "Share Your Ride" button. Your real-time geolocation can be shared via messengers, social networks, e-mail, or SMS Text. All of that is there to make your experience safe & trusted. We're continuously adding new safety features to the app to make sure both riders and drivers can enjoy 100% safe rides. ADD TRAVEL OPTIONS Do you have specific requirements? Specify travel add-ons — SUV, extra stops on the way, a child seat, or accommodating special needs. You can write your specific needs or any other details in the comments field like "traveling with my pet," “I have luggage," etc. SIGN UP AS A DRIVER & MAKE EXTRA MONEY If you have a car, inDrive provides an excellent opportunity to make extra money. Set your schedule and enjoy complete transparency with inDrive. See your passenger's drop-off location and fare before accepting the ride request. If the passenger’s price doesn’t seem enough, you can always offer your fare or skip the rides you don’t like with no penalties. Best of all, low-to-no service rates mean you make more money driving with inDrive! We can't wait for you to experience it. Install the app and let’s ride!

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Way To Go! Thumbs Up!
Omar Haleem on 2023-01-27
What a relieve from all cut throat competition found on the roads these days its refreshing to have one that provides relief from being excessively billed by unacrupulous drivers waiting outside to scam you off… this is definitely a huge plus tha they allow customers to cite their own accepted fare.. its great to have this app on my phone. Thanka also for the exceloent customer care they give.. Well Done Guys! Keep It Up!!
Improvement areas
SAADALEY on 2023-01-27
Sometimes app stuck and cant perform anything ..there should be an option of showing the captains number which is lacking i think ..if the aap stuck call button not working at the moment then the number sholud be visible so that one can make the call and communicate… One more thing there should be some promotions or give away credits to attract the customer so one can go with inDrive more frequently Regards SAAD
Rana Rabeel on 2023-01-27
So when you book a ride for some of your friends or family so after booking it we can not track the driver which is not good And Indriver does not have any Helpline or 24 hour Callcenter if you forget anything in the car or rikshaw the team of indriver is 0% helpful
In-app issues
Ramsha645 on 2023-01-27
I’ve been facing an issue for over three months now. Every time I open the app, it crashes or performs slowly. I reinstalled it too but it still gives me error while booking for a ride. I wouldn’t perform any function and gets stuck. It is not user friendly at all.
Not satisfied
bilesha on 2023-01-27
The app was very good initially but now they are charging 10% commission to the drivers which is not fair enough. Uber and careem are not in the run now a-days because they are charging heavy amount commission to the drivers. Really not satisfied
Fraud indriver
Mani 543 on 2023-01-27
Ek to aap log drivers sy 10% charge kr rahy ho.. Customer accept kr k ride cancel krta ha or tum log drivers ki amount deduct kr k return nhi krty.. chor k bachy .. or support chat main koi jawaab hi nhii deytaa .. return my amount
Buggy app when using map to give location
Vin_Changezi on 2023-01-27
The application is buggy and when we want to give location the bottom sheet disappears. So hectic to use, if you people have pushed Careem and Uber out of market atleast get your app fixed. Other wise the same will happen with you.
Slow App
Saqlain_Mushtaque on 2023-01-27
I was at night try to find my ride but application was so slow especially “choose on map” option. It took my 10 minutes but this option didn’t work correctly finally I took local ride. I am a IOS user.
Worst app
ahmed shah215 on 2023-01-27
Wallahi this is the worst app, crushes most of the time. Drivers are overcharging now a days. Fares are higher than local taxis. App is down now a days, doesn’t respond most of the times.
Glitch in the app
Khadija.buttt on 2023-01-27
Its almost been 2 months and there’s been a glitch in the app. It keeps getting stuck and the fare can’t be adjusted. They are not sending any new updates or resolving the issue.

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