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Sep, 2022


Sep, 2022



We're now in 600 cities worldwide! Forget the old taxi apps and cab booking apps: inDriver is a free ride-hailing app where affordable rides for passengers still means well-paid rides for drivers. Here, passengers and drivers choose each other. As a passenger, you can find a ride fast and negotiate a fare with drivers. As a driver, you can forget about taxi service rules and drive flexibly according to your own schedule. We’re here for you, whether you need a ride or you're ready to make money with your car. It’s easy to be easy-going Passengers experience the perfect ride with the perfect driver, chosen by them. Start by registering with your phone number, then find a ride fast and pay — or get paid — by card. Offer the price With us, passengers can offer their fares and get affordable rides. Unlike taxi services, we don’t impose our rules and we don’t set the prices. Fares in our app are fair for both passenger and driver. Choose who you ride with If you're a passenger, request a ride and choose an offer. If you're a driver, just open your ride request feed to choose the passenger you'll take. Before you choose your driver or your passenger, you can always check their offered price, their rating and their number of previous inDriver rides. Stay Safe We're always working on our app's features to make sure you can enjoy safe rides. To call the emergency services or to share your ride info with a personal contact, open the ‘Safety’ tab in the side menu or tap the ‘Help during the ride’ icon on the map while you're riding. Set up your ride Passengers can tailor every ride to their needs: whether it's an extra stop along the way or travelling with an assistance animal. Drivers always see this information before accepting, and can decide whether this ride is for them. Become a driver inDriver is also a driver app — it's for every kind of user. To start making money as a driver, just tap the 'Driver mode' button in the side menu and sign up to drive. Once we've checked your documents, you can start choosing rides to accept. Our app is free. Drivers only pay service payments for rides they accept. Our service payments are low, which means you can keep more of the money you make.

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Not working on iPhone
Bashu1 on 2022-10-01
Please do the needful i have an iPhone ano this app is not working on iPhone stuck on the first stage once i mobile number feed then i have got the msg try again then finally wait for 30 minutes this is happening last four days but I couldn’t configure yet please do the needful and upgrade the app as the earliest Thanks n regards,
Pathetic service bug in app
EhsanMahmood on 2022-10-01
Could not get rides these days every offer rejected with error ride already taken. Offer do not reach to the passenger. Even cross check by posting ride from other phone, when send offer from my device same error ride already taken and on 2nd device offer not received. Its big bug. Management is sleeping.
Pathetic support service
Hadia Sadozai on 2022-10-01
I have issue in app and continuously complaining to support team no one is fixing my issue. Ther are just changing team members and after every single message instead of fixing issue, they said hello I’m ———- how can i help you and I’m repeating my issue again n again infront of every new person.
zeshannnnn on 2022-10-01
Whenever use in urgency it takes all the time in the world to load slow and buggy. Sometimes you completed a ride but still it shows on your screen for day long you can't even cancel they charge you for cancellation. 😑😑
Why Only 15 days income history! wowww
hhjsdsweeebbxhdhdjdjd on 2022-10-01
In this Datascience and AI revolutions, there is an app which is unable to provide my income history more than 2 weeks. I need to keep always a white paper and pen to note down my income, like 200 years before
Ride already taken
AR_90 on 2022-10-01
Such a useless app. App crashes sometimes and in the evening, Ride already taken appear on every ride. The ride appears again and again in the list but every time it says it’s already taken
Higly Recomended
AARISH Waqar on 2022-10-01
Highly Recomended its time to save money no location issues no targets less taxes than other ride sharing apps ! keep it up indriver jazakALLAH!
Credit system
CSR Sunny96 on 2022-10-01
They should accept payments with credit card and there should be a credit slot in app because most of the times riders don’t have change .
Unprofessional captains
vhggsghsshsh on 2022-10-01
Mostly drivers don’t listen to a customer, they do whatever they want even they don’t take your guidance. Pathetic experience for me
High price
Faris zubair on 2022-10-01
The service of these drives has become very bad. They give a ride when they offer a price, but the driver offer for more money.

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