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* This is the PRO version of the Muslim Prayer Times and Qibla compass app for you're iPhone, iPod and iPad. - In Islam, it’s a major sin to make purchases via Credit Card. You can easily avoid paying via CC, if you select the option to pay via International Debit Card, Direct Bank Transfer, Paypal Balance or iTunes Card. These options may vary with each country. So make use of them if they are available to you and avoid the sin. The App will tell you which direction to pray and when it's time to pray at you're location the App notifies you. You can change to different prayer time conventions and also view the Ramadan time-table with Suhoor/Iftaar notifications. No manual settings needed. App Features: - Qibla direction - Compass pointing to makkah - Daily prayer times - notifies you when its time to pray - Ramadan time-table for any location / any year - Shows you Hijri & Gregorian Calendar Dates - Set Adhan Alarms - adhan plays when the prayer time starts - Four Adhans to choose. From Makkah, Medina, Al-Aqsa & Egypt - Different prayer time calculation methods or custom calculations - ASR prayer timing according to Hanafi or Shafi calculation - Manually adjust prayer time settings for every prayer - View daily Suhoor/Iftaar times and set reminders - Hijri correction settings provided - Works using device's in-built GPS & Location services - Now you can get Prayer Times to work without GPS - Automatic DST settings implemented - Universal App - works with iPhone, iPod and iPad - Supports Retina Display Enjoy the Pro version features in this app: - 4 More Beautiful Themes to Select from Download it Now!

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