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Jan, 2023



Jigsaw puzzle for adults with over 6000 high resolution puzzles. Free weekly puzzles and over 160 categories to choose from. A classic Jigsaw Puzzle game featuring: - Surprise puzzles, Some puzzles have no preview to surprise you when the puzzle solved. - Game Center integration - Jigsaw puzzle assembly Pad, it's a pad that can be placed on top of puzzle to improve visibility of unplaced pieces. - Personal Jigsaw Puzzles, you can create a puzzle from any image in your Photo Album or capture a new image with camera. - Unique pattern for each and every puzzle game. - Bring group of pieces to the board, that would be border pieces as well as top, middle or bottom pieces. - A rolling bar to keep all unsolved pieces for better access - Customize background theme and color or the puzzle screen - Customize rolling bar and assembly pad color - Once you start a puzzle, it will be saved to your device and from that point, you don't need internet connection to solve the puzzle. Jigsaw Puzzles can be solved in 4 difficulty levels: Easy - 84 jigsaw puzzle pieces Normal - 144 jigsaw puzzle pieces Hard - 240 jigsaw puzzle pieces Extreme - 378 jigsaw puzzle pieces In Jigsaw Pro you can find collections in these categories: - Nature and Landmarks Jigsaw Puzzles - People and Activities Puzzles - Art Jigsaw Puzzles - Travel Around the World - Animals Puzzles - Transportation - Objects

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