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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Kent's Homeopathic Repertory is one of the primary sources used by Homeopaths to determine the correct prescription. This app incorporates all of the Repertory material with a patient database and a simple method of saving material to the cloud. Features: *Complete repertory (all 1423 pages) *Find any page in three taps *Multiple indexing, find rubrics fast *All Kent's cross-references hyperlinked *Built-in patient database to record treatments *Save easily to the cloud for access anywhere This app combines Kent's massive work with the latest app technology. Take it with you on your iPhone or iPad and access it quickly anywhere. List of app Sections: *Contents (divisions listed alphabetically) *Remedies and their abbreviations (648 remedies) *Use of the Repertory (Kent's instructions) *Repertorising (M. Tyler and J. Weir's treatise on repertorising) *Hot & Cold Remedies (Dr. Gibson Miller - with case studies) *The Repertory (rapid index to rubrics) *Database (save patient records) *Evernote (simple method of saving research to the cloud) *Biography (J.T.Kent's life)

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