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Jan, 2023



Lab Values Pro is the most comprehensive and clinically oriented laboratory reference app. Want to know the difference between direct bilirubin and indirect bilirubin ? You can find the answers in this app with additional information like Normal Values (US/SI units) Description of the lab investigation Conditions in which values are increased/decreased Additional remarks that has clinical significance Features: Browse through common panels Favourite commonly used tests Search through all labs Change to US/SI units Disclaimer: The content in this app is for educational purpose only. Although we have put maximum effort in making the content up to date, there may be some errors and obsolete data. We regret such issues and constantly strive hard to update such data to currently accepted standards. Accordingly, we are not liable to any losses occurring due to such errors. The content in the app does not represent as a resource for any of the examinations or clinical scenario; the user should try to verify the authenticity of the content from standard references. Please read the terms and conditions before using the app. NOTE: The normal laboratory values differs due to conditions and reagents used. Please refer the product literature before reporting the results. The reasons behind abnormal values should always be read against clinical presentation. The information provided in our app is at times not comprehensive and should never be used for diagnostic purposes.

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