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Share instant your live location to anyone with a secure way using this Live Location Tracker application. now it's an easy way to share your live location around the world through this application. this is a totally new and easy way to share your real-time live location with your friends, family, relatives or also with anyone. Live Location Tracker application able to share your exact live location with anyone. It is free, with clear UI also provides continuous location updates, and is incredibly easy to use for anyone. download this application freely to share or get the live location of anyone. the app has few steps to share your live location and app also allow facilities to enable users with that any your location sharing users will not able to see your live share your live location while you want with anyone through this app. Live Location Tracker is safe to share your live location and also track anyone. you can use this application around the world to sharing live location which you want. application with you sharing your location from multiple countries which are India, USA, Germany, China, Japan, Europe, etc and 40+ more countries.use this live location sharing app to find your friend, relative and also anyone from the exact location. as you move in any side the app will automatically update the map with your new live location Live Location Tracker with your friends will be able to track the GPS location of your phone with sending a request or accepting a request. when you are done sharing your location, simply press 'Enable' and no new location updates will be shared. Some special characteristics in Live Location Tracker app... _Share live location instant with anyone _Option to track anyone _Your moving updating are available _Live location sharing from worldwide _Track anyone live location worldwide _Safe and secure way to use an app _Enable option to stop sharing your live location _Convenient UI to use an app _Simple way to share your live location _Your location is continually updated _Multi countries are able to share your live location

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