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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



It’s time to chop some trees! Lumber Harvest is one of the most fun tree cutting games that lets you experience all the joys of being a lumberjack. Clear the heavily forested islands, harvest the wood, and sell it to make a profit. Live the life of a lumberjack in one of the best lumber games! CHOP TREES Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a lumberjack? Well, now you have a chance to learn all about timber harvest and production. Navigate through endless islands and guide your truck through thick forests. There are plenty of trees to cut in this logging simulator! GROW YOUR BUSINESS A forest is not only a gift of nature, but it’s also a great source of income! Along with cutting trees and hauling timber to the sawmill, this logging simulator gives you an opportunity to build a profitable timber business. Cut down all the trees you see, harvest the wood, make a fortune, and earn coins for future upgrades. Explore the full depth of this logging truck simulator by completing various fun missions and lumber games. Do you have what it takes to become a lumber tycoon? Today, you might be just an ordinary wood cutter, but tomorrow, you can become the best lumberjack in the world. Join the exciting adventure in one of the best tree cutting games! COOL FEATURES: ● Ever-growing timber business. Earn coins for the trees you harvest and become the crackerjack of wood cutting! ● Immersive gameplay. This logging simulator is so real you can almost feel the smell of freshly cut wood! ● Adventure through numerous islands—visit various forested lands and wipe them clean! ● Satisfying tree cutting games. Once you try cutting trees, you won’t be able to stop! ● Impressive logging truck simulator—experience what it’s like to operate a real wood cutting truck. So, what are you waiting for? One of the best tree cutting games is a download away. Unlike the other lumber games, Lumber Harvest makes cutting trees relaxing and fun! Start your tree-cutting empire now and become the renowned lumber tycoon in this super satisfying logging truck simulator!

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