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Jan, 2023



Free for a limited time! You are looking for a new way to experience your philips hue lights? Then meet the hue app that transforms your rooms into living color art: From relaxing smooth fading to a highly dynamic visual music experience. Use it for a romantic dinner setup or your next party at home! This version features: Common functions: ◆ Switch disco bulbs on/off quick button ◆ Each light can be controlled individually ◆ Disable Auto-Lock to keep the app running ◆ Multiple Bridge Support Disco effect functions: ◆ Control any subset of lights for the disco effect ◆ Brightness and saturation control ◆ Free selectable hue (color) fading speed ◆ Selectable light position along the hue fading ◆ Microphone sensitivity can be adjusted ◆ 6 Predefined light presets plus one user defined ◆ Multiple devices can control different rooms according to local acoustic and we are working on a lot of more cool features that will be included with future updates for free! NOTES This app uses the microphone to convert music or voice input to light effects. It does not (yet) listen to music that is played on the iPhone itself. REQUIREMENTS - Requires iOS 8.1 or higher and the Philips hue kit

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