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Dec, 2022



MagicInfo Mobile application is mobile version of MagicInfo-i Premium Edition Server, which is a web-based management tool that manages content and devices and organizes and publishes content for LFD(Large Format Display). By installing the MagicInfo Mobile application on your smartphone, you can access the server through the smartphone to manage devices and configure the server settings. Features - Monitoring : you can view the LFD device status and change settings. (Display Information, Schedule Information, System Information, Time Information, Remote Job Information) - Approval : the LFD devices that are not registered on the server will appear and you can register devices on the server. - Notice : you can view all the notices registered on the server. - Setting : you can view and change the system settings for MagicInfo Mobile. How to use - Network Environment : To access a server using a smartphone, ensure the server and smartphone are on the same network. - Server Setting to connect : To run the application for the first time after installation, ensure you enter the server IP and port you want to access. - Log in : To log in, ensure your ID and password should exist in MagicInfo Premium Edition Server.

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