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*********************************************** The best rated medical dictionary app under $39! *********************************************** Top 10 paid app in multiple countries Featured "What's Hot" in Australia, Canada, and Philippines *********************************************** MedWords provides definitions and synonyms, and other information on over 38,000 entries. PLUS there is a list of common medical prefixes and suffixes Perfect for students, medical professionals, and anyone who needs synonyms and definitions on medical, cancer, bio-medical, or genetic terms. CUSTOMER QUOTES: * " I give it give 5 stars because it's on my top 5 favorite apps!!!" * "So far, this is the best medical terminology app I have tried!" * "This has a lot of information! It's perfect and handy!" DETAILS NEW: Updated for IOS9 and later NEW: Text2Speech Pronunciation NEW: Improved search capability - 38,000+ entries including definitions and synonyms - 10,000+ cancer, diseases, and biomedical terms - 8000+ single agents and therapies - 120+ genetic related terms - Hundreds of medical Prefixes and Suffixes -Updated Medical Terminology - Online search capability for words not in the database - NO subscription required! - NO internet connection required FEATURES -Easy to read interface -Partial Word Search capability -Save Favorite Button -Share the definition with others via email -Zoom capability for bigger fonts PLUS - Hundreds of common prefixes and suffixes - Alphabetized dictionary AND prefixes/suffixes - Searchable with auto-filtering NOTE: This app does include common drugs but we recommend you download our more extensive “Drugs & Medications” App from the appstore if you need more access to this dedicated information Try our other Apps including: - Drugs & Medication - ICU Pearls - On Call Notes NEWS AND UPDATES: Visit our website at Follow us on FEEDBACK: We welcome feedback on this app. Please feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] ABOUT KAVAPOINT Kavapoint is a leading provider of medical apps with multiple apps in the top 50 medical apps in the Appstore worldwide. All information in this application is licensed or public domain. DISCLAIMER We respect all privacy policies and expect this from our users. The information provided is solely mean to use for educational purpose. Kavapoint takes no responsibility for actions from our users and all information in this application are licensed or in the public domain.

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