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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Pill Reminder - Medicine Alarm Manager is the app will help you to take your medicine on right time. If you are a caretaker for a child, parent, or patient suffering from chronic pain or illness, this app will be your friendly assistant that remind you to take right medicine on right time. You don't need to concern if you will forget to take the medicine anymore. MAIN FEATURES: - Easy to use app that allow easy options to add or update medicines in simple steps. - Schedule all your medicines at one place. - Support multiple dosages per day with multiple medications. - Customise sound for medicine alarm. - Option to set Medication units such as pills, cc, ml, gr, mg, Drops, pieces, units or spray. - Customise your medicine by defining specific color or even select photo and assign to medicine. - Get notification alert to take your medicine on time. - This is really a useful app for the girls who takes contraceptive pills. - Always reminds you when to take the pill on the right time. - Refill Reminder functionality in the app that reminds you on time to keep the stock for your medicines. USAGES: - Medication Reminder - Medical Toolbox - Pill Reminder - Med Alarm Manager - Pill Refill Reminder If you have any suggestions or comments about app functionalities then feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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