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Millionaire Tycoon by SavySoda™ ••• #1 ITUNES BOARD GAME ••• ••• IN 3 COUNTRIES & TOP 10 ••• + BOARD GAME IN UK, Singapore, Australia, + China, Mexico, Belgium, Turkey, + Hong Kong, New Zealand, Taiwan, + Thailand, Sweden, Norway, & 7 more. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ FROM TODAY ONLY 99c SUPER SALE - 82% OFF LIMITED TIME SUPER SPECIAL RRP US $5.99 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ The Real Estate Trading Game Designed Just for iPod & iPhone. Do you dream about getting rich? Practice first on your iPod or iPhone! Start with a limited budget and be on your way to build a million dollar empire. A Monopoly style game unlike anything you've EVER experienced on your iPod/iPhone. Buy and sell property, trade on the stock market, purchase vehicles, attend game shows, construct skyscrapers, and challenge your friends! This game is designed to be more addictive and fun than ANY traditional real estate board game you might be used to! WARNING: This game is very challenging, and difficulty increases dramatically with each level. This is by design, and there will be no way to turn down difficulty. The AI has the same resources as you; it doesn't get any special treatments or handicaps. The AI is designed to simulate real players so that you can practice for your multiplayer challenge. DYNAMIC - Richer gameplay than Monopoly. - Use items to upgrade your properties, or destroy opponents. - Place traps, block roads, steal from other players. - Fun minigames to show your skill. - Build a variety of structures with many upgrades. - Monopolize entire streets to deal ultimate rent. - Trade on the stock exchange. - Purchase vehicles. COMPETE - Up to 6 player multiplayer - Intelligent AI - Challenging Campaign - Quick Skirmish Mode BEAUTIFUL - Visit over 10 unique cities and their streets. - San Francisco - Paris - Melbourne - Hong Kong - More - High quality scores to go with each level DESIGNED FOR IPOD & IPHONE - Smooth touch control - Shake the Dice - Tilt MiniGames UPDATES - More levels, more items, more challenges NOW AVAILABLE - Massive expansion pack with New mini-games and new cities: New York, Dubai, Singapore, Beijing, Kyoto, London! If you like games such as Monopoly, Game of Life, Civilization, or Sim City. If you love TV shows like The Apprentice or The Amazing Race. You will LOVE Millionaire Tycoon! EXCLUSIVE TO IPOD and IPHONE. more games and apps: NOTE: To unlock levels you must play in CAMPAIGN MODE.

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