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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



ReviseAid MRCS Part A is a great way to keep your surgical revision going while on the move. It provides over 200 multiple choice revision questions, with themes from previous MRCS exams and detailed answer explanations. This app is essential for aspiring surgical registrars. No subscription is required and once you've downloaded the app you don't even need an internet connection, making it easily accessible at hospital, at home and on the commute in between. You can practise questions as many times as you like and receive a score to keep tabs on your progress. You can even challenge your revision buddies in the Game Centre. ReviseAid MRCS Part A has been written by a team of Surgical SpRs on UK training programmes who have successfully passed MRCS in the last few years. It is also perfect for high flying medical students with an interest in surgery. Good luck!

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