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Take control of your health with MyNextcare App Nextcare insured members have a wide range of features at their fingertips that can help make their journey easier. Whether it's submitting and tracking claims, viewing policy benefits, issuing your insurance certificate, booking medical appointment or accessing your digital health insurance card, the MyNextcare app is here to help you with your health journey.   Here are our top features: -Healthcare provider We offer insured members the largest healthcare network for accessible and value-added services. Locate, contact, and reach easily a hospital, clinic, pharmacy, lab, or any medical facility. -Submit & track medical claims Insured members can submit claims by uploading medical documents through the app and get reimbursement by the desired payment method.   -Symptom checker The symptom checker feature enables insured members to reduce unnecessary visits to the doctors as well as to identify emergency condition earlier.  -Teleconsultation This is the fastest and easiest way to see a doctor. Video consultation allows highly qualified doctors to quickly and conveniently examine symptoms, provide diagnoses, make treatment recommendations and advise on required medications.  -Appointment booking Insured members are able to search for providers and over 20,000 doctors based on specialty, language, availability, location, and rating. Members are able to get pre-approval & a quote for an appointment.    Get the most out of our services by downloading the MyNextcare app.

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