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"MySOS" is life-saving and emergency services, is the Medical Assistance application. Falling flow and of primary lifesaving treatment required when you have found the people are, search of nearby AED information, you can view. It also provides a guide for emergency visits when in doubt to address the child's sudden illness. By registering the medical record information of their own, their own is to allow the emergency contact to information transmission and family to the doctor or hospital when they fall, to support a smooth emergency transport. MySOS provides medical information needed for an emergency. [Main function] - BLS guide When you have found a sudden illness who, until the ambulance arrives, it will support the implementation of the situation judgments and BLS (BLS). - Children's Medical Emergency Guide Parents have a small child is, steep child sick of holiday-night (sudden fever, swallowed spasm, injury, abdominal pain, a foreign body, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, sore eyes, ears of pain, and was stung by a bee, when in doubt to determine what to do to deal with hiccups, etc.), how and to deal in accordance with the symptoms, we will guide you through the measure of emergency visits. (It is sequentially added plans for a description outside of the item) - First Aid Guide Fracture and bleeding, cramps, in the case, such as heat stroke, will guide you through first aid. It also guides you, such as notes for accident prevention. (Japanese Red Cross Society provided) - emergency contact You can register the contact that you want (such as family) to contact in case of emergency. The contact is possible telephone call or SMS transmission. - Rescue Call Installing the people are and will be able to send relief request (SOS) the MySOS. The alarm location and their location upon receiving the relief request is displayed on the map, you can also route guidance.In rescue when the request from the Ver2.5.0 you can call in the acceptance of who and anonymous and free of charge. - AED, medical facilities search  You can confirm such an AED installation location and hospitals on the map. - My Clinical Record You can save the information of the user's own basic information and history, oral medicine, primary care physicians and test results (image). You can manage MySOS the information required at the time of emergency. You can also manage health information (blood pressure, weight, steps) in conjunction with OMRON connect and health-app. Select iOS Healthcare from [Settings] → [Health Information Cooperation] to link with the healthcare app. - Clinic medical examination data linkage function (health diagnostic results)    You can refer to the medical examination results of the clinic. ※ There is necessary to carry out the cooperation set to the clinic side. ■ Cautions • Please read the Terms of Use before using the app and use only if you agree. • This app service is free of charge. Download communication fee will be charged separately. • “QR Code” is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED. ■ Feedback Please send requests or comments regarding the app via review or email. Visit our FAQ site (Allm Inc.) for questions and info about the app. Email us if you have any problems or issues that cannot be resolved through the FAQ site. [email protected]

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