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Manage your Ufone mobile service account on the go, wherever and whenever you like. From activating bundles to recharging your balance, the Ufone app allows you to securely login with thumb impression & provides many other features. Discover the best call, SMS & Internet packages of Pakistan with prepaid or postpay options. Download the Ufone App now for a seamless and a customized Ufone experience. Discounts On buying a SIM via all new My Ufone App, Special Numbers can be booked free and Premium Numbers are available at huge discounts. Once a number of your choice is selected, new plans and packages are also offered at discounted rates that you will not find anywhere else. Finally, you will have an option of free delivery of your new sim at your doorstep or pick up at your nearest Business Center. To take advantage of this extra ordinary offer and many more features, Download My Ufone App now and register yourself! Unique features With the app, you will be able to access the following features: • Guest access for quick SIM purchase and booking • Pay Bill for Postpaid number or Recharge your Prepaid number. • Purchase Supercard, Supercard Mini and Supercard Plus • Subscribe to awesome Internet, SMS, Voice Bundles and Buckets. • Check your current balance and expiry for Prepaid number or your monthly limit for Postpaid number. • Change Access level and Credit Limit for your Postpaid number. • Create a UPaisa account and pay via UPaisa to purchase Supercard, pay bill or Recharge. • Check your subscribed bundles and remaining resources against each bundle. • Check subscribed VAS / Buckets, and change status for selected ones. • Email Duplicate Bill or Tax Certificate to your registered Email. • Change your package for Prepaid or Postpaid Numbers. • Check your Call, SMS and Internet usage history. • Get a Duplicate SIM or shift to Ufone Network. • Activate or deactivate your number. • Get notified for new and latest offers by Ufone. • Check International Roaming rates. • Language selection between English and Urdu. • Locate Ufone Franchise, Business Centers and Self Service Booths. • Check Ufone’s 3G and 4G Network Coverage. • Associate your friends and family mobile numbers to perform all activities for them. Have a question or suggestion? • Select Live Chat from Contact Us menu to talk with Ufone Representative. • Visit and click on U-Online Chat on bottom right. • Call 333 from any Ufone number or 033-11-333-100 from any other network.

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Reporting a Defect (Bug)
MaahayFalak on 2023-01-27
Hi you guys. Myself, Falak, also a SQA Engineer. I’m a Ufone customer since the era of Nokia 3310 and will be continuing. I appreciate the MyUfone Application and use it frequently. But there are a few issues that need to be resolved for a better User Experience and we’ll good ratings too. The thing is that when opening the app, it has a long long delay. It stays still on the Splash Screen for more than usual delay timer, which might be because of the API response’s delay time. Then it requires a really really high quality internet bandwidth, it doesn’t even open the app on Ufone LTE at times. Then there’s this BIG PROBLEM that I’ve recently faced in a UseCase where I already subscribed to a Super Card and as the response was slow on the app, I again paid and subscribed for another Super Card. So, I got charged twice the amount. Yes the SMS, MBs and Mins were also doubled but the expiry is the same. And being a user I should’ve been prompted with some pop-up or some alert that “ you already have an offer/package/SuperCard subscribed and are you sure you want to again ? “ something of the sort, but it didn’t and that’s not a very good thing for a customer to be charged Double/triple.. just because of the delay in API responses reflecting upon screen or some missing essential messages. So, my request and suggestion is to please look into these sort of issues mentioned and help your customer base feel more at ease using the app rather buzzing your help line every time and that too charging the user credit. Hope the next release version will be more better.
Pathetic App
Dr. Suhaib on 2023-01-27
Ufone has got the most pathetic app in Pakistan just like its network. Since yesterday I have no access to 3G and 4G services. Called the call center and they asked me to deactivate the GPRS services from MyUfone app, but that stupid app doesnt open at all. Crashes and hangs regularly.
Worst app
JawadAr on 2023-01-27
This is the worst app ever made I think. Nothing works. First it doesn’t open except very occasionally and when it does it doesn’t refresh. I have been trying to subscribe to a package from since yesterday but it always says that I will get a confirmation text but the text never comes.
Request to Apple to remove this app from Appstore
Salayyy on 2023-01-27
Installed the app! Tried to sign up! Tried many time’s yet Ufone FAILED to send me the Sms verification code! No sms has been received! A Big shame for Ufone and the developers! I’ll make sure to get this app banned until you people learn work ethics.
Why not opening
Nasirsws on 2023-01-27
Why your both Aap not opening in ISO iphone Look others brand Aaps working 100% perfect network Pakistani sim working zero coz of bad teams members Go to hell all off who's play with Pakistan and with peoples of Pakistan
Not satisfied
Cdthvvfgv on 2023-01-27
Interface is too much difficult to understand. Add refresh button on main menu. App is slow. Fresh data not showing properly. App needs too much work.
Frustrating experience
emsalam on 2023-01-27
Unable to login on iOS. Terrible UI with back button/icon getting invisible. Network speed is great but this app is very, very lame.
Please update App
Shahjahan Hoth on 2023-01-27
Please update app as its not performing well. Ufone network is getting better but the App is getting worst.
The worst
BetterBeWorthIt on 2023-01-27
Your app is the worst among all other telecommunication company apps. It never works! Pathetic service
Having problem with login
Chaudhary shujahat on 2023-01-27
Take too much time while laughing app then while logging in. Third class app

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