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NeuralCam lets you shoot better night and daytime photos using the power of unique AI and computational photography technology. Featured on 9to5mac / VentureBeat / TheNextWeb / BGR / PetaPixel / DPReview / SlashGear / LAUNCH Ticker. 9to5Mac - “NeuralCam is not just the best iPhone camera app for night shots, but it is head-and-shoulders above the other apps.” NeuralCam is the top NightMode app for iPhone, and with the v5.0 update it becomes the most advanced computational photography camera for daytime photos too! Enjoy 48 megapixel(*in-app purchase), sharp, bright and less noisy images with more detail in every lighting condition. ------ BETTER PHOTOS, NIGHT & DAY ------- - Night Mode on All iPhones All Cameras: including the ultra-wide, telephoto and selfie cameras - Better Daytime HDR Photos: brighter daytime and indoor photos with more detail and less noise - 48 Megapixel AI Upscaled Photos* (available as an additional in-app purchase): state-of-the-art AI Photo upscaling now available on all iPhones through NeuralCam 5 - AI Enhanced Macro Mode on All iPhones ------ UNIQUE COMPUTATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY PROCESS--------- NeuralCam uses multiple proprietary AI and Computational Photography technologies to get the highest possible quality images in all lighting conditions: 1. SmartCAPTURE: Sets the right capturing settings for each lighting situation to draw the most information and detail from the iPhone camera sensor 2. SmartMERGE: Combines pixels from multiple captured images to further enrich the amount of information and reduce noise 3. NeuralENHANCE: Uses state of the art Machine Learning techniques to enhance detail at 12MP and upscale photos to 24MP or 48MP (in-app purchase) 4. NeuralHDR: Adaptively illuminates night and day photos for a bright, but still natural look It does all these steps in a few seconds on-device. Read more about the NeuralCam photography process in the NeuralCam 5 launch blog post here: ------- FEATURES ------ - Auto and Manual Night Mode - Auto and Manual Daytime Mode - AI Enhanced Macro Mode (including Night Macro Mode) - Manual Computational Photography Controls - Multiple Capturing Modes: Hight Detail, Low Noise, Unprocessed* (*on iPhone 12 and 13 Pro) - Merging of 1-12 frames - 24MP & 48MP AI Super-Resolution - 12MP AI Detail Enhancement - Multiple AI Brightening Modes - now including NeuralHDR specially tailored for daytime photos - Classic manual photography controls for White Balance, Exposure and Focus - Timer - Tripod Mode - allows longer exposure time in really dark situations - Gentle Torch - so you can light up your scene a bit if needed, in very low light - Photo Format (HEIC/JPEG/TIFF) - Grid options NeuralCam 5: Better Night & Day Photos using AI and Computational Photography Photo credits: @robert_bilinski, @maxmousee Terms of Use:

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