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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



A beautiful RSS reader that lets you read the news you want to read anytime anywhere. You choose exactly which news sources and categories to follow. Fast speed and works online and offline. Beautiful iOS native font + night time reading mode makes it easier on your eyes. Choose from a huge selection of pre populated RSS feeds or add your own. News from BBC, CNN, CNBC, NYTimes, ABC, Bloomberg, Reuters and thousands more. Magazines from Time to Top Gear, it's all here. Design, Gaming, Technology, nothing is missed. Newspapers from around the world, US, China, Europe, Australia. Works online and offline. The color theme automatically changes throughout the day to provide the optimal reading environment for you. Don't rely on editors to tell you what you should read. Pick your own newspaper sources and get ALL the news. Never miss a headline. This is one of the best Apps for your daily news needs. (

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