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Nov, 2022



Obscura 3 is a camera app packed full of features to help you take incredible photos. Obscura pairs a stunning design with intuitive controls that make taking photos a delight. — Obscura 2 has been featured numerous times by Apple around the world, including as Editor’s Choice and App of the Day. And Obscura 3 is even better. — Design Obscura squeezes a bunch of powerful features into simple controls anyone can master. The interface balances aesthetics, ergonomics, and intuitiveness. You won’t want to use anything else. All the camera controls can be reached with one thumb, and gestures and haptics combine to create a tactile experience that lets you stay focused on your subject. — Appearance Themes, manual light and dark modes, custom app icons. All gorgeous. — Camera Features — Modes Obscura 3 has been designed around 5 distinct camera modes: Photo - simple, fast performance Pro Photo - maximum control Depth - portraits & depth data Live Photo - for.. Live Photos Video - video capture with pro controls Exposure To adjust exposure, just touch your thumb to the Exposure Button and move it in a circle, like turning a dial. Couldn’t be simpler and it feels great. And you can just tap the button to instantly reset the exposure bias. Focus Just like exposure, drag your thumb around the Focus Button to focus manually. And you’ll get both a focus loupe and focus peaking to help you get your subject perfectly crisp. ^1 ISO & Shutter Speed TK White Balance AWB, White Point, Scene Presets, and manual Temp + Tint. Photo Formats ProRAW ^2, RAW, HEIC, and JPEG photos, Live Photos and Depth Data ^3. Video Formats 1080p or 4K at 24,30 or 60fps ^4 Filters Lots of new filters, some old favorites. You can now disable filters and set favorites for quick access. All included. Aspect Ratio Capture photos in 4:3, 1:1, 16:9, and 2:1 aspect ratios. Histogram Small or large, luminance or color. Grid Lines, crosshairs, or none. Spirit Level For perfectly level horizons that would make Wes Anderson proud. Flash Yep. Timer I hear tick tock is really popular with the youths. Presets Customise Obscura to your heart’s content, and save those customisations into presets to quickly access at any time. — Library Not only has the camera interface been redesigned, but the library has been reconsidered from the ground up to give you quick access to your most important photos, without sacrificing performance. — View Options Obscura lets you configure exactly what’s displayed in the library views, so you can hide screenshots and memes to help you focus on your photos. You can also adjust the size of thumbnails to suit your preference. And keep hidden photos hidden. Naturally. — Image View & Editing Browse, share, fav, rate, edit. Whether you want to dig into metadata, triage through your vacation photos, or apply some cool filters, you’ll find it here. — Settings & More Obscura’s Settings has a bunch of options, allowing you to manage filters, tweak camera behaviours, change the theme, read the walkthrough and more. — Apple Watch Support Use your Apple Watch as a camera remote. You can change capture mode, set exposure and more! — Game Controller Support (Beta) It’s a little rough, but yes, you can use a game controller to control your camera. ——— 1. Manual Focus only available in single camera modes, not while using a Virtual Dual or Triple camera. Yes, this sucks but the virtual cameras are weird and full of quirks 2. ProRAW only available on iPhone 12 Pro and 13 Pro 3. Depth Data only available on Dual, Triple, or TrueDepth Camera systems 4. Video formats vary by device Thanks for checking out Obscura. If you decide to buy, we hope you’ll consider rating it, or sharing with someone you think might like it. All the best, Ben & Adam

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