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This is the premium (ad-free) version of "All-in-one calculator" app for iOS. All-in-one calculator is a must have calculator app for your iPhone and iPad. It features over 40 calculators and unit converters for everyday use, grouped under finance, everyday math, health, construction, date & time, unit converters, and shopping/ retail. Simple yet powerful, the following features are built into this all-in-one calculator:- STANDARD CALCULATOR • Includes percent key, negative sign, brackets and history viewer. • Advanced mode includes memory keys and functions for trigonometry, roots, exponents and logarithm found in scientific calculators. UNIT CONVERTER • Supports temperature, length, weight, area, volume and many more measurement units. • Currency converter. FINANCIAL CALCULATOR • Interest calculators using simple and compound interest • Loan repayment and amortization schedule. • Savings calculator with financial goal planner FRACTIONS/ PERCENTAGE CALCULATOR • Calculators for 3-way percentage, discount pricing, profit margin, tax, tip & split bill. • Add, subtract, multiply, divide fractions HEALTH • BMI and calorie calculators to help you keep track of your body weight. CONSTRUCTION CALCULATOR • Calculators to estimate cement, sand, gravel quantities for concrete blocks, wall plastering and brick works. • Area and volume calculator for common geometric shapes. • Irregular land area calculator • Solve height and distance problems using right-triangle calculator. LIFESTYLE • Age and date calculator Need to know what you are paying for? Try out the free version of this calculator app from the developer profile.

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