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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



An OpenVPN File is required for you to use this app. This app will allow you to connect to any OpenVPN server from any VPN provider. OpenTunnel is a user-friendly OpenVPN Client for iOS that allows users to connect to their custom OpenVPN Servers. OpenTunnel requires you to have your own ovpn files. You can find these files from your VPN Provider if they support OpenVPN. OpenTunnel does not keep any logs of your connections. The app itself allows you to connect to your VPN Providers service. OpenTunnel does not take responsibility for which servers you connect to. The name 'OpenVPN' is trademarked by OpenVPN Inc. OpenTunnel is not affiliated with OpenVPN Inc in any way​. Features: • Import and Export ovpn files • Connect to OpenVPN Servers • Rename and Edit ovpn files • Country Detection • Port Detection • Authenticate Connections

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