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This application has been developed by an experienced team of paediatricians and neonatologists to provide the user with the advice and tools they will need to manage the most commonly encountered paediatric problems on the postnatal ward. When a doctor embarks on their first paediatrics rotation covering the postnatal wards they often find that their training and previous experience leave them ill prepared for the task at hand. This is because they will not have encountered the majority of the problems they will be expected to deal with and those that they have dealt with before in adults are often managed very differently in babies. This problem is further confounded by the lack of available resources by which the doctor can increase their knowledge and traditionally this has to be done by on the job learning. This application attempts to address the above problem by providing the user with three useful resources combined into a single application. The e-book offers practical “hands on” advice on how to deal with the most commonly encountered paediatric problems on the postnatal ward. The advice offered represents the results of a thorough literature review combined with the pooled experience of the authors. At the end of each topic there are a number of links to sources of further reading. The audiovisual section contains a number of useful videos and audio presentations by experienced neonatologists on important topics such as how to carry out a newborn check, jaundice and hypoglycaemia. Finally, the calculators section contains a number of useful tools that will help you workout an infants feeding requirements or calculate their need for phototherapy. Contents Section One - e-Book 1. The Newborn Check 2. Examination Abnormalities a. Scalp Swelling b. Abnormal Red Reflex c. Preauricular Skin Tags d. Facial Nerve Palsy e. Tongue-Tie f. Cleft Lip & Palate g. Fractured Clavicle h. Erb’s Palsy i. Single Palmar Crease j. Breast Swelling k. Heart Murmurs l. Absent Femorals m. Abnormal Hips n. Two Cord Vessels o. Umbilical Hernia p. Divarication of the Recti q. Inguinal Hernia r. Undescended Testes s. Hydrocele t. Hypospadias u. Talipes v. Sacral Dimple w. Bruising x. Birthmarks y. Rashes 3. Clinical Problems a. Respiratory Distress b. Cyanosis c. Tachycardia d. Bradycardia e. Sepsis f. Jaundice g. Hypoglycaemia h. Poor Feeding i. Weight Loss > 10% j. Vomiting k. Jittery l. Not Passed Urine m. Bowels Not Opened n. Sticky Eyes o. Redness Around Umbilical Cord p. Pink Staining on Nappy q. Vaginal Bleeding r. Maternal Thyroid Disease s. Maternal Hepatitis B t. BCG Vaccination u. Vitamin K Section Two - Video and Audio 1. The Newborn Check 2. Common Postnatal Problems - Part One 3. Common Postnatal Problems - Part Two 4. Common Postnatal Problems - Part Three 5. Hypoglycaemia 6. Hydronephrosis 7. Jaundice Section Three - Calculators 1. Weight Convertor 2. Volume Convertor 3. Gestational Age 4. Feeding Requirements 5. Phototherapy (works with μmol/L or mg/dL) 6. Apgar Score

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