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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Look at all these tiny people of all colors! Throw paints with color and make them all the same!. There will be obstacles along the way, so be careful not to fall or collide with men of a different color. Your main task is to repaint all the tiny people into your color. The game's difficulty will increase with each new level, beware of the traps and obstacles appear out of nowhere. You will also meet bosses on your way — fight with them! HOW TO PLAY - PLAY as a tiny man - REPAINT all little man in the location - EXPLODE the barrels of paint - COLLECT keys - DISCOVER new costumes and weapons - LEVEL UP your weapon - IMPROVE your talents - COLOR the world the way you like FEATURES - Simple and intuitive navigation - Lots of wearings and weapons - You can play offline - Many different levels - Fast and fascinating gameplay Download and install the Paintman game, pass all the levels, and make this life vibrant and colorful. Please leave your review so that we could make the game even greater for you!

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