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If you need a document scanner to create PDF files, use this scanner app. The mobile PDF scanner will process any text or image in a matter of seconds. You can download it at no cost and it is compatible with any IOS devices regardless of their brand. You'll be able to use this document scanner free at home, in the office, at school, in a public institution, when traveling or wherever you are. Thanks to this app, your life will become easier and more comfortable. You'll spend considerably less time chained to your computer, scanning, sending, downloading, converting and editing docs. The quality of the scans will be consistently high. Functionality of the app To make sure that this free document scanner functions properly, you should allow it to access the camera of your device and the storage. After that, you'll be able to perform the following operations: - Scan in color, black & white or grayscale - Adjust the level of contrast of a PDF scan to create crisp monochrome texts - Automatically detect the edges of the pages - Automatically remove the clutter background - Configure page sizes (A4, Legal, Letter, etc.) - Send the result of the scan to print, fax, messenger, email or cloud storage - Check the history of the previous scans - Set list or thumbnail view for old scans - Quickly search for the scan you need by its name - Sort the previous scans by title or date - Install a passcode to protect your documents This scanner app free allows you to use its basic functionality without paying a cent for it. Like this, it will show you advertising. However, you might consider switching to a paid version to get rid of the ads and get access to additional functionality. The perks of the paid subscription You can purchase the paid version of the app either with a monthly or yearly subscription. The free option offers more competitive prices and a short free trial period. If you're planning to use this scanning app for your work, it is highly recommended that you should install the paid version. What kind of documents the app processes The app can scan nearly any type of text or graphic content: - Receipts - Reports - Tickets - Manuals - Letters - Passports, IDs, driving licenses - Bank cards - Official documents - Hand-written notes - Photos - Images You won't need to re-configure it to switch from one type of document to another. Benefits of the app Among all the PDF scanner apps for free, this one stands out for the following reasons: - It is compatible both with smartphones and tablets. - It is lightweight and will occupy minimum space in your device's memory. - You can synchronize it with other devices. - It is exceptionally quick. - You'll be able to send the result to any services or means of communication you use daily. - The scanner recognizes the text well even if the quality of the original document is not perfect. - Its design is sleek and its interface is intuitive. The app will download in a few seconds and it will take you only a couple of minutes to figure out how it functions. A mobile PDF document scanner might come in handy at any moment. Download this PDF scanner app right now to always have it at your disposal!

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